About Me

Hi! My name is Edgar G ( @hunk ), I´m Software Engineer and Web Developer, currently living at México City, I have experience with iOS,Object-C, PHP, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Wordpress and Javascript/JQuery. Actually i’m working in blend.

Developer of a exciting wordpress plugin called Magic Fields.

Also I am a fanatic of the phillies and indianapolis colts ;-)

If you want to know more about my experience visit my linkedin

Bunsen app

image of Bunsen app

Is an application for iphone/ipod that lets you read the comic Bunsen way easily and enterteining, You will be able to add comic your favorites. visits the laboratory B, finds surprises and much more.

My work in the team of development was programming in iOS

Magic Contact

image of Magic Contact

Magic Contact is a simple and Elegant contact form for WordPress, taking as it bases to Contactable (jQuery Plugin) By Philip Beel.

Magic Fields

image of Magic Fields

I am a part of the team of development of Magic Fields (WordPress Plugin). Visit magicfields.org for more information
Technologies: WordPress API and javascript.

Classic Wines

image of Classic Wines

While employed at: freshout
My work in the team of development was
Back-end: Creation of controllers, models and helpers
Front-end: Creation of the views and functions/efects of javascript
Technologies: CakePHP and jquery